18 April 2012



Importance Of Communication

From the survey, we can conclude that communication is essential; even in the Internet. It can be Interpersonal, Organizational and Educational online communication where it connecting people in workplaces and educational institutions, support for diverse interpersonal and group interactions and activities, and development of online relationships.

What Can Be Improved In Online Communication?
  • Personal use of the Internet/web
  • Interaction with other users of the Internet
  • Online relationship development
  • Presentation of oneself, product/service and institution
  • Learning/teaching over the internet
  • Secure and private use of the internet
 E-Learning Online Communication

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E-Learning Communication Method

There are some method for students to communicate through the internet:
  • Email - Important interactive tool in any e-learning environment where students can either explaining or asking question related to the course that their taking. The purpose is to make student confidence in communicating via email
  • Teleconferences - Providing students with an opportunity to fine-tune their English speaking skills.

Communication Skills



"I'm not afraid of army of lions lead by a sheep, but I'm afraid of army of sheep lead by a lion"
- Anonymous

Team Leader
In a team, there will be someone who will be a leader. So, who is this leader? Leader is a person who:

  • Being a role model
  • Motivating members
  • Encouraging others
  • Delegating so that the work done
  • Leading an activity
  • Having the characteristics of an effective team player
And not to forget that they must be very familiar with the procedures, rules and objectives.

9 Qualities Of An Effective Team Player

  1. Reliable - Can be trusted when given work
  2. Communicates constructively - Expressing ideas clearly and in appropriate manners.
  3. Listens actively - Listens, understand and able to receive criticism from others without debating and arguing every point.
  4. Active - Prepared to listen and speak up in discussions.
  5. Shares openly & willingly - Willing to share information, knowledge and experience.
  6. Flexible - Adapt to ever-changing situation.
  7. Problem-solver - Willing to deal and find solution for problems.
  8. Treat others in respectful and supportive manner - Understanding and give appropriate supports for team members to help get the job done.
  9. Shows commitment to forum - Give a good effort and contribute to the success of their team.

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